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To watch sanitized films via ClearPlay, a ClearPlay-enabled DVD player is required, along with Filter files. Customers of ClearPlay must first purchase a Clearplay-enabled DVD player ($80-85) along with a ClearPlay filter subscription ($8/month or $79/yr). Filter files (which are created by ClearPlay editors) tell the DVD player where to cut, skip, or mute, down to the exact frame. These EDLs (or Edit Decision Lists) allows the ClearPlay DVD player to block offensive or undesirable content during DVD playback. Customers can also watch the film in its original form, by turning the filtering off.

ClearPlay allows users to customize what they want to skip. There are many categories of content that can be filtered, including sexually explicit material, sexual situations, nudity, graphic violence, bloodshed, dishonoring your parents, mushiness, and disrespect to the flag.

The filter files interact with the DVD player by way of a Filterstick, a small USB flash drive which is included with the player. The Filterstick is used to transfer downloaded files from the ClearPlay website to the ClearPlay DVD player. Firmware updates are also occasionally available for the player itself, by way of a similar method.

The Filter files are only available from ClearPlay as a monthly or annually subscribed membership. Unlimited access to the full library of movie Filters are only made available after customers sign up. The ClearPlay library contains thousands of titles and new ones are added each week.

ClearPlay was legally shielded by the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act of 2005 and was the only service specifically shielded by this piece of legislation.

From the website:

What is ClearPlay?
Great question! ClearPlay is a fancy DVD Player that can play regular DVD movies -- but without profanity, violence and nudity.

Wow! How does that work?
It's really quite ingenious. We create filtering information on a movie by movie basis, and then put those "filters" into the DVD player. This way, the DVD player knows when to skip or mute while the movie is playing.

But isn’t it choppy?
Nope. That’s the great thing about the ClearPlay service. We love movies just as much as you do, so we take great care to maintain the presentation quality of the movie– the only thing gone is “that one scene” you wish the kids never saw.

What about new movies?
Another great question! If you sign up for a ClearPlay Membership then we provide constant updates for your DVD player. This way ClearPlay works with new movies as they come out. It is really just that simple (and cool!).

Do I have to be technical?
It's really pretty easy. If you want, call our Customer Support and we’ll talk you through the set-up. After that, updating your player is so easy that anyone can do it (even if you can’t tell your mouse from your modem!).

Chances of talking to one of your kind Customer Support reps are ... ?
Pretty close to … 100%. We are confident enough about our Customer Support that we put their number on the front of our carton. We staff it six days a week, and you can contact us by phone, email or chat online. And if for some reason all our people are on the phone, you can leave your number and we actually call you back. How cool is that?

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